Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bucket List Day!

With nothing on the agenda today, I thought back to our ambitious Summer Bucket List from earlier this Summer (which also happens to be one of the main reasons behind this blog) and realised there is still a good 20 items we have not yet done. So this morning the girls and I decided it would be a good time to check off the things we could get done at home.

So we had a real busy and crafty day today. I should have gone into this knowing that I would probably drive myself crazy with the mess and cramming things in, but in my true style I did it anyhow. Its all about the kids having great memories right? I just hope they remember the activities and joy it brought them more than me stressing about getting tye dye ink on the floor, or sprinkles from the cupcakes across the whole house. I think I need to learn how to let go a little more...but thats a whole other blog/therapy session!!

Enjoy the pics below of the following bucket items:

1. Plant pot plants
2. Have a tea Party
3. Play Dress Up
4. Make Cupcakes
5. Tye Dye T-Shirts
6. Blow Bubbles
7. Drink more wine....wait sorry wrong list.

The girls reminded each other to always drink your tea (orange juice) with your pinky finger out.

We will let you know in another post how the shirts turned out!


We were supposed to also do make-overs and hopscotch but didnt get to it. There's always tomorrow!

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