Monday, August 12, 2013

Anniversary and popping tags

This August 5th Craig and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary. The girls joined us to celebrate at Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. Craig and I love our own time together but really do enjoy being able to bring the kids to enjoy with us. That's how it always was for me growing up. My parents never got babysitters. Brett and I would always go out with my parents on their anniversary and it was always so fun to be included. I mean, they are a big part of our love for each other so why not include them? Anyhow the girls dined on mini hamburgers and Shirley temples to drink. Craig and I of course had steak. It was a really nice time together. 

The next day the girls and I took a trip to the park for a picnic. Reese was busy most of the time making new friends in the playground and Danika spent the whole time perfecting her scooter riding lap times around the park.

Afterwards we decided to go to the thrift store to find some dress up clothes for the girls. Macklemore has a new song out called "thrift shop" which the girls love so I figured I would show them what a thrift shop was. We didn't have much success finding anything worth buying but the girls had fun anyhow.

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