Monday, August 5, 2013

Step Right Up For the Greatest Show on Earth!!!

About a week ago I saw the Ringling Brothers Circus advertised on TV. Thinking back it had been at least 28 years since I last saw a circus, so I thought what a great thing for the 4 of us to do. Summer is quickly coming to a close so we needed one more big ticket item to add to our memory bank, and the Circus definately did not disappoint!

We headed down to the Honda Center in Anaheim and arrived there about 90 minutes before the show started. This was on purpose as the circus hosts an all access time before each show so people can visit the animals outside, and then go inside for a meet and greet with the performers, and some smaller acts to keep everyone entertained. The kids saw the lions and elephants outside, and met with some clowns and performers inside. Danika got to jump rope with some of the performers, and we watched some clowns acts and dance acts.

We got some pretty good seats, 5th row in the middle of the performance area so we were able to see all the show really well. Some of the highlights for me were the Tigers, the Elephants, the Dancing Dogs and the Girl getting shot out of the cannon. They pack a lot into the show. In all it was just over 2 hours. You really get your monies worth, and the performers did such a good job. You can really see how hard they must work. Capturing all this action was difficult, but here are some pics for your enjoyment!

Visiting the elephants pre show 

Performer meet and greet

The elephants were amazing!

There were about 15 tigers ranging from your orange to your white. Beautiful!

Dancing poodles
Reese's reaction to the dogs.

The cannon

Tight rope

The cutest clown in the world 

The finale.

We had such an amazing time. I am so glad we did this together.

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