Monday, August 12, 2013

Twister and bowling

Not much of a story to tell here... It's twister!

Today the girls and I had to go get new tires for the car. Considering this was going to take about 2 hours of waiting, I wasn't totally sure how I was going to keep the kids entertained. Luckily the tire shop was across the road from the bowling alley so once we dropped the car off we headed over. The girls did really well this time. They were super happy off the total surprise of showing up to bowl that I think it improved their game  ;)

After we went to the arcade and won some prize tickets. The girls tried for the first time a dancing game. They were not that successful but it was still fun to watch.

When it came time to choose prizes they each got a dog figurine and they each got a piece of candy. Most kids from the 80's probably remember the super sour candies called warheads. I mean, these things are painfully sour. The girls had never tried them. The pics below are their faces when trying them. 

I nearly wet myself laughing. They were so sour the girls spit them out almost instantly. 

One last picture to share. Danika starts first grade tomorrow. I think this is harder for me than her first day of kindergarten because it just seems like now she is really in elementary school. This is her asleep in her bed tonight on the eve of becoming an even bigger "big girl" . Love u Dani xo

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