Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dinner at Jan's and Kitty Love

Tuesday night we had a lovely dinner at Jan's house. Mum is friends with Jan, I am friends with her daughter, Emma, and my girls are friends with Emma's daughter, Cienna so it was a girls multi generational gab fest.... Oh and Dad too :) Emma did a wonderful job on the BBQ. We have been hearing about this "Cardiff Crack" which is a to die for marinated beef for who knows how long and we finally had a chance to try it. After tasting the beef, it becomes apparant why it's called "crack" because you just want more, and more.

Jan also decided to celebrate mums 61st birthday a little early with some cake. The girls were of course excited and helped her blow out the candles.

Isn't Mum cute?
No spit on my cake please ladies!!

My girls have been chasing my mums cat, Buddy around forever trying so hard to get a hug from him. After a little coaxing with some deli meat we captured him and got these beauties.

Thank you Buddy!!'

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