Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day, Swim Lessons and Dress Up

So we have been doing a variety of things the last few days. 

Sunday the girls and I went to lunch with Dad for Father's Day. It was really nice to spend time with just him and my girls. Afterwards we took a trip to target to buy some goodies for the girls then Mum cooked us her famous Nana's chicken for dinner.

Monday the girls started swim lessons with an old friend of the family, Misty. Misty taught Danika some swim lessons when she was just a baby, so when I found out she was teaching again I took her up on some private lessons for the girls. Both girls have been busting to get out of their floaties forever and have shown over the last two days that they are naturals.
They still have at least another day of lessons but Danika is already swimming on her own and Reese is very close behind her by swimming with a bit more supervision. I am extremely proud of them. Knock that off the bucket list!!

Yesterday afternoon the girls discovered that Nana had stocked the wardrobe in their playroom with a ton of glamorous clothes that Nana was no longer using. Here are some totally adorable pictures of their dress up fun, and yet another bucket list item taken care of.
Groovy baby!

We ended the day with an al fresco dinner of spaghetti and salad. I even got to go visit my buddy Dana after dinner.

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