Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Library trip

So as I was looking on the Internet today for something cheap and interesting to do with the kids I found out that one of the local libraries was doing a "read to a dog" afternoon today. The girls thought that sounded just brilliant so we went.

The event was at the Chatsworth branch of the L.A. Library and as soon as we arrived we noticed the dog visiting area was a little busy so we went straight to the craft table. The girls were taught how to fold a piece of paper into the shape if a dogs face then they were able to decorate them once done.

Reese hard at work

Danika gluing the googly eyes on

Danis craft

Reese's craft

After crafts we were able to go visit the dogs. They had three dogs visiting from a group called "BARK". Bark is an all volunteer program that encourages children to work on their reading skills by reading out loud to therapy dogs. The girls got a chance to read to Jesse James and Sydney. Danika read very well and even helped Reese read to the dogs. 

The girls petting Jesse James 

Reese was in heaven

Danika reading to Jesse 

Danika reading to Sydney.

I thought this was a really good idea and the kids just loved it. Best of all it kept them occupied and out if the heat for 2 hours, and it was free!! It's amazing how as mothers we work so hard at finding fun and exciting things to do for our kids. Sometimes these fun and exciting things end up costing a fortune. It was so  refreshing to see my girls embrace this "no frills" activity. Can't wait to do it again.

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