Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lets Go!

So I created this blog after reading another friends blog about thier summer vacation bucket list. I thought this would be a good way to show all our family and friends what we are up to in a more private (non-facebook) way. So I will be posting on here pictures and stories about our summer so you can keep up with us.

The summer has just begun as Reese just finished her last day of preschool, and Danika finished her last day on June 6th. Our plans so far are to go to San Diego tomorrow and visit family, and some friends that we didnt get to see last time we were there. We will be leaving poor Craig behind, but I have stocked the fridge with pizza and the cupboard with Cereal so he will be fine! I am sure this will be a good chance to play those video games and watch the movies he has been wanting to see, but I have previously over-ruled :)

Heres to an amazing Summer 2013 with my babes!!


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