Thursday, June 13, 2013

Park and picnic play date

Well today we started knocking some items off the ol' bucket list. We met up with Reese's preschool buddy Lyana and her mom Catherine for a picnic at our favorite park.

It was a beautiful day and the girls enjoyed playing, swinging, jumping, hanging etc. along with having a relaxing and healthy lunch. Reese has nearly mastered her monkey bar technique resulting in blisters on her palms, but it was well worth it to her. Danika tried dried seaweed snacks for the first time which she politely decided she was not a fan of, but I am proud of her for trying something new. To end the day we were treated to our fav hot day treat, (ok lets be honest, our favorite practically every day treat) frozen yogurt at Menchies.

Thanks to Catherine and Lyana for a fun day. We are so thankful for such fun new friends xo

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