Monday, June 24, 2013


Craig came up with a great idea to go hiking this Sunday. I had seen on Facebook many of our friends taking hikes so it looked like it would be fun. We have some trails just down the street from us so it was a quick and easy trip there. 

Craig is also interested in geocaching. The jist of geocaching is finding hidden treasures other people have left and once you find it you then leave a treasure for the next person. You can find maps and locations on the Internet and there just happened to be a few at Caballero Canyon where we would be hiking. This of course made the hike much more exciting for the girls. 

The hills started getting pretty steep but the girls happily kept up.

There's LA off in the distance.

Here is the geocache we found. Inside were coins and little prizes the girls could keep. Below the girls left their own gift for the next person.

We all had a good time and are planning on making this a weekend tradition.

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